Knowing The Basics: Swimming Pool Repair


In order for your pool to be safe and functional for everyday use, you need to have it be checked regularly and repaired if necessary. If the damage is big you should consider seeking assistance from professionals, but if the damage is just minimal then you can just fix it yourself with a repair kit. Before diving in and doing some repairs you need to know what type of pool you have. More info can be found below so do check it out!

If you own a pool made of concrete and gunite, you would need plaster as they tend to have holes or cracks as they age. The gunite below the plaster will begin to show through due to the cracks, chippings, wear spots, and hollow spots that pop up when the pool ages. You will be able to fix these problems by yourself with the help of the readily available repair kits.

When it come to fiberglass pools the cracks usually produce bubbles and often get blisters. You can easily do this using a fiberglass repair kit that can be purchased at any boat and marine supply store. You will be able to fix your fiberglass pool in no time but the downside is that the patches from your repair will be visible because the color of the glass is rarely if not never perfectly matched to the actual color. The only way for the colors of the old and new fiberglass to match is to have your whole pool resurfaced.

Vinyl pools or vinyl lined pools are considered the easiest pools to fix without the help of a professional. The vinyl repair kit is very easy to use which means that you will just have to find the crack and that part is easy as well. While under water you can still repair the crack or tear of the pool using the vinyl repair kit.

On the other hand you can hire a contractor to fix the damage for you if the damage is beyond your capabilities even with the help of the repair kits. But before you hire a contractor you should do a background check on the contractor and the company he or she is working for and also ask for an estimate of how long the project will take to complete. It would really help you save a lot of money if you hire the pool repair contractor a few weeks before swimming pool season because during that time the workload for such professionals is very low. Problems like huge cracks, plumbing issues and filtration system failure are best left handled by professionals. To get started, go to this homepage.

Find out how to properly maintain a swimming pool by going to


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